christmas tree; pinheiro de natal; sapin de noel; jardin au Portugal

3 facts and curiosities about the Christmas tree

In fact, it is not a pine tree

The most common species of Christmas trees are of the genus Abies sp. (spruces) and Picea sp., pine trees are rarely used: Pinus as Christmas tree.

One of the favorites, due to its ‘soft’ needles that remain longer in the tree, is the Caucasus Fir (Abies normanniana), native to the mountains of the Black Sea area. It can reach 60 meters in height and the trunk can have a diameter up to 2m.


It’s a real competition

The competition is serious, to see which city boasts the largest Christmas tree.

The city of Lisbon received in 2004 from the Millenium BCP, the largest  Christmas tree in Europe at the time , a megastructure in steel with 62 meters.

In 2016 the largest tree in the country was in Aveiro, and with a moliceiro (typical boats) at the top, in the heart of the canals. A decorative tree with 50m high and 400 thousand led bulbs.

In 2017 Porto had a Christmas tree in Porcelain with more than three thousand pieces of Vista Alegre, with 5 meters and 2.5 tons.

It is possible to rent a Christmas tree

For example, the Becker nurseries in Luxembourg have already done so for 30 years, choose their tree and in January they will get it to plant again in the soil. This year you can do it also in Portugal, the company Rnters created the initiative Fire Pine, when renting a tree will contribute to the purchase of professional material for firefighters, in January you can return it and the tree will be transformed into biomass.

If you have not yet chosen your Christmas tree, now you know you can also rent one.

We wish everyone a great Christmas. *

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