Build memories, enjoy life out there.

About us

Landscape architecture studio based in Aveiro and Lisbon. Loci means places in Latin.

We seek to provide an improvement in the places where we intervene, respecting the character of the place and bringing an aesthetic value, sustainability, space management, originality and diversity, so that these places are stimulating and improve the quality of life.

Who we are? >>

jardim; garden; paisagismo; projeto; projet; arquitectura paisagista portugal; projecto de jardim portugal; orçamento para jardim
arquitectura paisagista; paisagismo; jardim; orçamento;

What we do?

  • Gardens, patios and terraces project
  • Planting design – if you just don’t know which plants to chose
  • Plant styling – if you want your home or office to become a greener space


The best moments of our lives are spent outdoors.

At Loci Studio, we design and consult your garden or outdoor space, from the concept to the construction site.

Do you have a touristic property, a business, or a home? The surrounding space is fundamental and has real added value. Especially if you reflect the best of where you are.