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Enjoy outdoors

I consider myself a person of the city, I was born in Aveiro, a small city but I have a mainly an urban life. Still, I’ve always felt pretty good in a field, park or in a garden. And who does not?

But not everybody appreciates the time spent in the open air. Day by day we are forced to be closed in an office, there is also more and more entertainment on our screens of various formats and shapes and we forget the benefits and importance of being out there …

There are countries, such as Scotland, where doctors prescribe time outdoors, in contact with nature.

As the American pediatrician Dr. Robert Zarr says:

We have a generation of children who do not necessarily know what to do outdoors. Frankly, we barely know how to sit without taking out the cell phone … [Being] aware of what is around us and using our senses is a very important step in understanding what really worries us.

I hope this blog will motivate you to leave your home and look at your surroundings differently.

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