What we do?

Private gardens and touristic properties

We make the project of your garden, from the concept to the construction supervision.

Do you have a property or tourism housing? The surrounding space is crucial and has a real added value. Especially if you reflect the best of where you are.

We design and consult outdoor spaces for tourism and private gardens.

Company headquarters

More and more companies feel the need to rethink their exterior spaces or even interior gardens. This is because a better quality of life for workers can bring improvements in health and consequently in their commitment and productivity.
A more sustainable place means less costs and an added environmental value and image for the company.

Public space and planning

The quality of life in cities is of major importance.

We project the public spaces taking into account the numerous variables of the territory that make up these complex and vibrant spaces.

For cities that are sustainable and accessible to all.


Why Loci Studio?

Observing people in their day-to-day life, which occurs in a panoply of merely functional and infrastructural spaces, there is a need to think about the quality of life, both in work and in leisure and regional scale or private garden scale.

Thus came the idea of loci, a word that means places in Latin, an atelier of landscape architecture that seeks to value the spirit of each place, its people, its culture. To use a word in Latin is also in a way a return to the base of our language and is justified also in the measure that the botany does not exist without the Latin. The expression Genius loci has been used since antiquity to designate the spirit of the place.



Studio, is a word that can be understood in several languages and refers to the artist's workshop. Because it is intended that our projects will be communicated in an original way allying old and modern techniques. (mockup, drawings, etc ...)

It seeks to provide an improvement in the places where it operates, respecting the character of the place and bringing aesthetic value, sustainability, space management, originality and diversity, so that these places are stimulating and improve the quality of life.

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